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Mastering with stems (groups) is an interesting one. You have more flexibility during mastering because you can do a deepdive into the levels of the seperate stems. 

Unique to my approach is that I use analogue summing (Neve/Neumann/Atomic tube summing).

We can handle 32 stems (stereo) into summing.

- All mastering is done by George - 


PriceFrom € 250,00
Excluding VAT
  • For your track(s), please upload them from the provided link on the confirmation of your order.

    Please name your track(s) with the following information below:

    • Name of your Track
    • First and Last Name
    • Date (DD-MM-YYYY)
    1. Remove all inserts from your masterbus.
    2. In case you really love a plug in on it. Send me two pre-masters. One with and one without so I can hear what you like.
    3. Deliver no peaks above -6DBSF TP.
    4. If you want a fade out in your track send the pre-master WITHOUT fade out and let me know exactly where you want the fade to start and when it has to end.
    5. During export no normalisation, check this before exporting please!
    6. Please name your track very well so I know the title.
    7. No mp3 as pre-master!
    8. AIFF OR WAV File 24 bits 48 KHZ would be awesome!
    9. Do not forget: The mix is the most important thing for a great master. I always give advice when I think the mix needs it.
    10. ENJOY